Q: What is Wicked Willow?

A:  A new Visual Novel created by T.F. Wright


Q: What is a Visual Novel?

A: A Visual Novel is a digital story game.


Q: Where can I support Wicked Willow?

A: On Kickstarter! Thanks for your support.


Q: What studio are you with?

A: T.F. Wright is an indie game developer. There is no studio support.


Q:  How are the choices different from other visual novel games?

A: Wicked Willow choice-driven game, in which the choices have an immediate impact on the game, every time. There are no stat meters, puzzles, failstates, or other distractions from the story.


Q: Does the story and the team include diverse representation?

A: Yes, including gender, age, LGBT status, and country of origin.


Q: Is Wicked Willow a Dating Sim?

A: No. Although romance is a significant part of the story, it is not a dating sim.


Q: Will Wicked Willow contain nudity/adult content?

A: No.


Q: Aside from your own work, what types of projects do you take as your inspiration for Wicked Willow?
A: If you liked Life is Strange, Madoka Magika, Inception, Primer, Being John Malkovich, or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, you’ll love Wicked Willow.


Q: Are you looking for more people to be part of the team?

A: Yes, on the technical side of things. If you are familiar with Ren’py, please send me a message.


Q: What is your previous experience?

A: T.F. Wright was the co-creator and writer for The Pirate's Fate, as well as the author of many ebooks on Amazon.


Q: Is Volkenfox creating this game with you?

A: No. Volkenfox was the artist I worked with for The Pirate’s Fate. He will be releasing his own project later this year.


Q: Will there be early access or alpha/beta access?

A: Alpha access will be reserved for Kickstarter Backers who support the project at "Coven Templar" level or higher. If Beta is needed, sign ups will be announced on the Kickstarter page.


Q: Can I do fan art to support Wicked Willow?

A: Yes! Please credit Wicked Willow and provide a link back to the Kickstarter or to the Steam Page (coming soon.)


Q: Will there be magical transformations in this game?

A: Yes! While transformations are not the sole focus of the project, as they have been for some of my projects in the past, magic transformations will be a major element of the story


Q: Has this game been covered by press?

A: Yes. RPGFan and IFGN have covered Wicked Willow.


Q: What is your philosophy on the storytelling mechanics?

A: Keep reading below!

Story Mechanics

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